Puja Schedule and Services

Events Calendar
Please click on this link to download the 2023 calendar of events at Sri Saumyakasi Sivalaya.

Temple Timings

Monday to Friday Morning: 9:00 AM – Noon
Evening: 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday Morning: 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Evening: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Service Timings

Rudrabhisekam 7:00 PM on Mondays and Pradosa days (from august)
Sri Satyanarayana Puja 6:00 PM on Purnima days (from august)
Siva Sahasranama Puja 10:30 AM on Saturdays
Ganesa Puja 6:00 PM on Caturthi days (from august)
Arati 11:45 AM and 7:30 PM daily

Puja Services

Ganesa Arcana  ($11)
Siva Arcana       ($11)
Rama Arcana     ($11)
Krsna Arcana     ($11)
Astottarasata Name chanting for respective diety and perform Arati
Materials required – Nuts, flowers/Bilva
The service is performed at 30-minute intervals in a group setting
Rudrabhisekam ($101) Rudram chanting and Abhiseka to Bhagavan Siva and Linga
Materials required – Milk, Yogurt, Sugar, Honey, Ghee. Sweet Pongal made of rice will be offered as Bhoga.
The service is offered on Mondays and Pradosa days from 7 PM to 8 PM
Maha Puja/Arati ($21) Puja and Arati perfomed for the deities

Annual Sponsorship

Sri Ganesa Puja  ($151) Performed Every Caturthi
Siva Sahasranama Puja       ($151) Performed once Every month
Sri Satyanarayana Puja     ($301) Performed every Purnima
Rudrabhisekam      ($601) First Monday of every month
Rudrabhisekam      ($2501) Performed every Monday and Pradosam days
All Sevas listed above      ($3001)
Sponsor Flowers Suggested amounts: $1001 $501 $251 $121
Sponsor Samagri Suggested amounts: $1001 $501 $251 $121

Please submit your annual sponsorship by clicking and completing our Online Sponsorship Form.